Wallmount Multi Touch

55" to 86" Interactive Whiteboards for Education and Corporate Boardrooms


Dual Operating System:

Experience the most versatile Interactive Touch Display on the market. With both Android and Windows operating systems installed on the integrated PC it cannot be beaten on flexibility. Seamlessly switch your operating system with just the push of a button; this screen has it all in one convenient package. With the huge number of apps available for Android and the world’s most popular operating system in Windows the display is ready to take your meetings and lessons to the next level..


Unlimited Connections:

There is no limit to the amount of devices that can simultaneously connect wirelessly to the screen i.e. Tablet PCs, Smart Phones, Laptops.


File Sharing:

Once your device and the Touch Screen are wirelessly connected you can quickly and easily share content to and from your device. Use the Eshare app to show videos, image and audio files stored on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC. You can also share files from the Touch Screen to your device using various methods such as email or scanning a QR code. Files can easily flow between the Touch Screen and your devices.


Wireless Mirroring:

Mirror what is on your Windows, Android or Apple device without the need for messy cables with the wireless mirroring feature this display offers. Great for presenting and sharing content during meetings it is done using your devices native streaming platform – Screen Mirroring for Android, Miracast for Windows and AirPlay for Apple. Mirroring the display from your mobile, tablet or laptop has never been easier.


Replace Projectors:

Now is the time to replace old fashioned projector systems with an Interactive Touch Display that has a series of advantages over the antiquated presentation technology. Built to last over 16 times longer than a projector bulb and with drastically improved contrast and sharpness the images quality does not compare. There are also no annoying shadows cast on the display that you have with projectors..


10 Point Multi-Touch:

Having up to 10 touch points allows for a wider variety of applications than ever before. This kind of functionality allows you to manipulate images, zoom in an out as well as perform many other touch gestures; much like you would with a domestic tablet. It also allows for multiple users interacting with the screen at one time.


Built in‘MeetingPad’ Software:

Bundled with the screen is an easy to use meeting software program. Designed specifically for use with our Interactive Touch Displays this program combines the annotation style of traditional whiteboards with the convenience modern technology allows. You can read, write, edit, compare and most importantly annotate a variety of images, videos, PDF’s, Office documents (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) simultaneously.


Integrated Webcam and Mic:

Capture important meetings and lessons in real time with the front facing 5 megapixel camera that supports 1080p video recording and the directional microphone that has a range up to 45m2. The display can also capture and save what is on the display at any given time. These recordings and screenshots can then be archived and shared afterwards.


Easy Access Front Ports:

If you don’t want to use the internal PC you can conveniently connect a laptop, or another external device, to the display’s front ports. For more permanent connections there are a variety of AV inputs on the rear of the unit. The display also has clearly labelled buttons on the front face.


Etched Anti-Glare Glass:

The etched glass diffuses the light, increasing the clarity of the screen and makes text and images much more legible even in areas with strong light. The display’s anti-glare nano coating improves scratch and impact resistance of the screen as well as improving tactility; essential for group interactivity.


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55” Interactive Touch Display (optional OPS PC)

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65” Interactive Touch Display (optional OPS PC)

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70” Interactive Touch Display (optional OPS PC)

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86” Interactive Touch Display (optional OPS PC)


Economical OPS Slot-in PC IntelR AtomT

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Premium OPS Slot-in PC IntelR CoreT i5

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