Self Service Kiosk

27" Self Service Kiosk


Automated Self Ordering System:

The numerous benefits for self service systems are clear, from allowing staff to focus more on customer service, reducing queues and waiting times as well as improving and optimising the overall customer experience. This solution is designed for the fast food sector but can also be used in a range of retail spaces.

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Super Durable Anti-Glare Glass:

The glass front is not only thermally toughened but also has a special anti-scratch 6H hardness coating. The coating also reduces annoying reflections created by external light sources.

Super Durable Anti-Glare Glass.png

Easy Roll Replace:

The till roll for the thermal printer is located in a separate compartment so that staff can quickly and conveniently replace the roll without having to open the main access door.

Easy Roll Replace.png

Integrated QR Code Scanner & Thermal Receipt Printer:

The scanner features an LED light to improve reading ability and can be used to scan barcodes or QR codes in conjunction with special offers or to place orders. As well as printing order receipts on the standard 80mm width till roll, the inkless thermal printer can be used to print promotional vouchers. There is also space to integrate a credit card payment reader.

Integrated QR Code Scanner and Thermal Printer.png

Easy Maintenance and Cleaning:

Tool-free maintenance is possible via the lockable front access door, allowing store staff to swap out and replace components without having to remove from the wall. The touch screen and barcode scanner are also recessed into the enclosure for a wipe clean surface.

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Anti-Theft Mounting Options:

As standard the kiosk can be securely mounted directly to the wall from inside the lockable door – providing an anti-theft flush fit. There is also an optional floor stand available on request when wall mounting is not possible.

Free Lockable Wall Mount.png

24/7 Usage:

As many quick service restaurants and supermarkets are open 24/7 any kiosk solution needs to be up to the task of being in continuous use.

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Other sizes and colours are available on request. We can also design and manufacture bespoke units with an integrated camera or double-sided versions. For existing models we offer a coloured vinyl wrap service as well as custom logo and graphics.

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Built-In Windows PC:

There is a built-in Intel i3 Windows PC, which can be upgraded if necessary. If your application runs on Android or Linux these operating systems are also supported by the hardware.

Built-in Windows PC.png

Software Packages Available:

You can use your own software solutions or we can offer various bespoke packages on request.

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27" Self Service Kiosk

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