Adding Value and Streamling Business Processes

The education sector, like many industries, is experiencing increasing pressures on budgets across all departments and it is having to meet the challenge of reducing cost and improving efficiency.  Therefore there is a heavy reliance on implementing new technologies that always add value and streamline business processes. It is vital to have a technology partner that understands the importance of offering equipment that meets their long term requirements.  The education sector cannot afford to lose money replacing poorly advised technology after 12 months.  UK Universities are regulated and bogged down in bureaucracy making it difficult to raise purchase orders and it is crucial that their supply chain makes it as easy as possible to deliver their IT requirements.  Due to the increased workloads placed on IT departments, working with a supplier who instills confidence and ensures a smooth process from enquiry to delivery to after sales is fundamental.

Using our large network of UK and international suppliers and our many years of experience allow us to guide the clients to select the right product that meets their needs.


The Support You Need

We achieve these exceptional levels of service by drawing on our combined 25 years of experience in the supply of all IT related products.  Having access to quality products allows us to be confident in their availability and reliability.  We have multiple service level agreement options including extended support and out of hours support.  Unlike branded PC suppliers, clients are assigned an account manager so they always get through to the same person who is fully aware of their requirements, order status and issues.