Protecting the Life Cycle of the Project

The defence sector needs a reliable PC supplier that is able to provide a wide range of services such as guaranteed continuity of supply, excellent maintenance and support, short lead times, capable of meeting their on-going specification requirements, whilst maintaining the highest levels of quality and value for money. 

Using our large network of UK and international suppliers, we are able to exactly match the customers’ needs.  Our many years of experience allow us to guide the clients to select a configuration that meets their needs for the life cycle of the product requirement.


Leaving You to Run Your Business

We achieve these exceptional levels of service by drawing on our combined 25 years of experience in the supply of bespoke system configurations.  Having access to quality components allows us to be confident in their availability and reliability.  All systems are diagnostically soak tested between 24 and 72 hours, where the aim is to reduce the number of “Dead on Arrival” units.  In addition we offer our clients a pre-configure service, where we install their software, which allows for units to work straight out of the box, saving them time and money.  We have multiple service level agreement options including extended support and out of hours support.  Unlike branded PC suppliers, clients are assigned an account manager so they always get through to the same person who is fully aware of their requirements, order status and issues.  Similarly, for technical support clients communicate with the engineer who built / tested their units.